Meet The Gaia's Kingdom Family


The Boxer

In 2002, co-founder Serena Carta locked eyes with Dago, her first ever pooch. He soon grew from an adorable puppy into a heavy full-grown Boxer, but his size was matched with an even bigger heart. Serena and Dago became inseperable, creating a deep connection based on trust, respect and adoration. He charmed every person he met, even the most fearsome. Some even adopted their very own tail-waggers after meeting this lovable pup! Sadly in 2013, Dago passed away. But his spirit lives on. Moved by Dago’s unconditional love, Serena became inspired to help people reconnect with animals, leading to the creation of Gaia’s Kingdom.

The French Mastiff

It was hard for Serena to find another companion after losing Dago. But as is often life’s way, the pup chose the human. Along came Attila, a French Mastiff with a wanderous free spirit. Despite his intimidating appearance, Attila is a true peacemaker, winning over both humans and fellow dogs with a soppy silly streak. Attila loves nothing more than a walk in the wilderness and exploring the freedom of the forests. Attila teaches Serena and Fabio something new everyday. Continually patient and kind, he is clearly on this Earth to shift people’s perceptions of big dogs - to which he succeeds every time!

Uraia the English Bulldog Happy Dog

The English Bulldog

Soon after Attila, Uraia joined the family. This sweet cookie takes on a protective role, caring for anyone she considers to be part of the pack. Uraia is as strong as she is cheeky, always bringing home the trophy from her agility course - after which she loves nothing more than a well-deserved beauty nap. Uraia is a sweet-natured girl with lots of love in her heart. She adores attention, especially from her friends at the pet store and is the bond that brings the Gaia family together.

The Human

Founder Serena Carta has an innate bond with animals. Growing up with a family of canines, she always felt hugely connected to their lovable spirits who helped her through a journey of mental health and self-discovery. Serena has a deep understanding of animal behaviour and uses her talents to improve relationships between pet and owner. She has transformed aggressive dogs into loveable pups and preaches the power of spiritual communication. By being open, sharing and letting go of fear, Serena believes we can truly live in the moment and find a deeper sense of happiness.

The Human

Fabio Fondcaro is a former businessman, boxing trainer and now co-founder of Gaia’s Kingdom. After meeting partner Serena, they moved from their hometown in Italy to Australia, where they learnt not only a new language but new pace of life. Fabio had never grown up with animals and so was unsure about bringing a dog into the family. But as soon as he met Dago, all his uncertainties disappeared. Dago brought out a new side in Fabio which has opened him up to a more spiritual, meaningful way of living that the family uphold to this day.

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