About Gaia's Kingdom

It all started with a Boxer named Dago.

At 45kg, he was a sizable boy. But his heart was even bigger. Once people met Dago, they were besotted with his trusting, adoring charm. Yet despite his loveable personality, many were still nervous. It was then that his owners noticed a fearful awareness of larger breeds. So they set about changing it.

Were on a mission to shift the way the world sees big dogs

We create products that reflect your dog’s character, not just their size. By removing the fear factor, we enhance the relationship between human and hound, celebrating dogs big and small. Our accessories give a voice to large breeds, changing the way people perceive their personality. Animal wellbeing is at the heart of what we do – we believe every breed has the right to be adored. Because happier pups = even happier humans.

Our products

A dog’s ability to communicate with human emotion is unlike any other species. From facial expressions to posture, they are experts at sensing our behaviour. Specially trained animals can calm panic attacks or alert when something is wrong. However if a person produces nervous energy towards a dog, they may bark or become fearful, heightening the shared anxiety. Gaia’s Kingdom provides a range of vibrant accessories that help even the most fearful humans feel more comfortable around big dogs. Our products are designed to reflect various personalities from the playful pup to the cuddly canine, using colours and patterns to represent every loveable breed.

Gaias Kingdom was born

In 2007, co-founders Serena Carta and Fabio Fondacaro had an idea. They’d struggled to find fun accessories for their two big dogs, Attila and Uraia – one a soppy French Mastiff, the other a girly English Bulldog who was often mistaken for a boy. The only options were studded leashes, anti bark devices and collars that were too thin. So our two co-founders set about creating their own. With their entrepreneurial background in design and animal behaviour, Serena and Fabio began curating their own collection of fashionable accessories for large dogs. The first range flew off the shelves – and Uraia was suddenly the prettiest pooch in the park! It was then that Gaia’s Kingdom was born. A brand that would give more than just a collar. With handmade products designed to showcase a playful side, we would help heal fear for big breeds – returning the love our dogs have always shown us.

What does Gaia mean

Noun: A Greek term, the personification of Earth as a goddess; mother, nurturer, giver of life. To us? Gaia isn’t just a word; it’s coming together. It’s living side by side with nature. It is equality, mutual respect and the understanding of our animal world. Our ethos is built on spreading happiness and joy by bringing humans and dogs closer together. We communicate with animals in more ways than words. By overcoming misunderstood behaviour, we can inspire deeper relationships with our canine friends.